Can You Drink Tap Water In Cyprus?

Tap water is drinkable in Cyprus, but it’s suggested to drink it only after filtering it. The water may be safe to drink when it leaves the source, but it might collect pollutants (dirt, dust, and other stuff) during its way to your tap. Also, note that different cities have different water mineral contents. So tap water in each city is different.

Tap water has to abide by strict EU standards, and it is put through a variety of filtration and purification systems before distribution.

If your water tank and plumbing pipes are not cleaned enough, it’s not suggested to drink the tap water directly. Always take extra precautions. Drink only after filtering and boiling the water.

The majority of the Cypriots always use tap water for cooking/beverages and ice cubes. When you visit a restaurant or a cafe, you would usually be provided with tap water until you order a sealed water bottle.

Tap water and Bottled water in Cyprus

Tap water vs bottle water in Cyprus

It is also said that tap water in Cyprus is better than the bottled water.

As I mentioned above, Tap water is filtered and purified before distribution, but bottled water in Cyprus usually comes from mountains, which means it doesn’t go through safety measures as Tap water goes.

Let me tell you about an incident that happened to me. I was enjoying my holidays in the Troodos Mountains with my friends. We had brought some bottled water from our home, but it didn’t last long. When I talked to one of the local residents there regarding where I could get a water bottle, he said, “tap water and bottled water in Cyprus come from the same source, then why do you want to pay extra?” I was actually speechless.

Most people also don’t like to drink bottled water because they think bottled water is subject to contamination by impurities from the bottle’s materials which I believe is not true.

So which one is better to drink in Cyprus, tap water or bottled water?

Chlorine is usually used in tap water in Cyprus to keep it safe from bacteria and viruses. Now, it’s not a full-proof method. Even after putting chlorine, water-borne viruses can exist in tap water. On the other hand, bottled water is somehow cleaner than tap water.

The major downside of drinking bottled water is, it’s expensive.

The water that comes to your tap is very cheap in price. You can also buy 20 liters of water for 1 Euro from water vending machines, whereas you will only get 1.5 liters of bottled water for 1 Euro.

Water Vending Machine Cyprus Agios Dometios

If you have money and don’t mind putting it on buying bottled water, then it’s your choice.

But if you can’t afford to buy bottled water every day, I suggest you buy it from the vending machines.

Water vending machine Cyprus

If that’s still expensive for you, you can drink the tap water.

I would suggest you drink the tap water only after boiling and filtering, though it’s considered safe to directly drink tap water.

If you are a tourist and visiting Cyprus, it’s better to stick with the bottled water. You wouldn’t want to get sick while traveling, would you?

I am the kind of guy who drinks bottled water by boiling it. It’s totally up to you which water you want to drink.

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