Where Is Cyprus Consulate Located In Nepal?

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Where is Cyprus Consulate Located In Nepal

Nepal doesn’t have a Cyprus Embassy but it has a Cypriot Honorary Consulate Office. Cyprus consulate in Nepal is located at Jyoti Bhawan, Kantipath, Kathmandu.
The Consulate office can be contacted via telephone or email address in order to book an appointment.

The Consulate of Cyprus office is located on the third floor of Jyoti Bhawan. Here is the map of the location with the nearest landmarks.

Cyprus Consulate Nepal is Located at Jyoti Bhawan Kathmandu

Click here to go to the location on Google Map. 

A consular section is basically a department in an Embassy. A consulate is a place where consular services are performed. The consulate of Cyprus in Kathmandu is supervised by the high commission of Cyprus in New Delhi.

Let’s learn more about the Cyprus consulate in Kathmandu – Nepal, shall we?

Head of Mission: Mr. Padma Jyoti, Honorary Consul
Address:Jyoti Bhawan, Kantipath, Kathmandu
Postal Code:P.O. Box 133
Phone Number 1: +977-1422 5490
Phone Number 2: +977-1422 6327
Fax:+977-1422 6314
Website:Not Available

Opening Hours of Cyprus Consulate Nepal

The Cyprus consulate in Nepal is open Monday to Friday, and a meeting is set by an appointment.

Before going to the Cyprus Consulate, always call them first. Ask them about the required documents and check if you completed them or not.

The Cyprus consulate in Nepal is usually closed during Nepalese and Cypriot Public Holidays.

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