South Cyprus Student Visa Requirements 

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Cyprus Student Visa Requirement

Student visa processing for Cyprus is not that hard compared to other European countries. 

Acceptance of the study gap is one of the significant benefits students get from Cyprus.
The Visa success rate is high, and the entry requirements are pretty basics, making the processing a lot easier.

As a matter of fact, Cyprus is one of the affordable countries in Europe for students. 

You can read more here on why choosing Cyprus for your higher education might be a good idea for you.

Cyprus student visa requirement varies from country to country. 

Today in this article, we will discuss the Cyprus student visa requirements that are made mandatory by the Cyprus Civil Registry and Migration Department. 

We have also combined the Cyprus student visa with new rules for 2021.

Before we start, if you are from one of the countries mentioned below, check out the step-by-step guide on how to apply to Cyprus on a student visa from your country. 

Basic required documents

Before you start anything with the processing, make sure you have the following documents ready.

  • Citizenship
  • Passport
  • Passport size photos
  • Birth Certificate

Academic documents

If you are applying for a Bachelor’s degree, you have to prepare the following documents. 

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Higher Secondary Education Certificate

For Masters Degree

  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Higher Secondary Education Certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree certificates

Ph.D. Students 

  • Higher Secondary Education Certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree certificates
  • Master’s degree certificates


  • IELTS Certificate
    Each Band minimum 5 points is required.
    (IELTS wasn’t required till May 2020, but from then it has become mandatory for all countries for all academic levels)

Students that do not have IELTS or equivalent can still apply, but they will have to face a skype interview by the authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Interior, and Education) to check their English Level.

If they are successful in the interview, then they will be granted a visa.

All of these certificates have to be attested from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign affairs from your country.

Offer letter from your college

You have to send your academic documents to your chosen college in Cyprus. They will analyze your documents and provide you with an offer letter. 

The offer letter also must be attested from various educational institutes alongside your academic certificates. 

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Medical Reports and Certificate

If you prepare your medical certificate from a governmental hospital, it would be much valuable. 

If not, then you have to prepare them from some reputed medical institution or a hospital. 

The following tests are usually required on your reports/certificate for a Cyprus student visa processing. 

  • X-ray
  • Urine Test
  • Blood Test
  • Vision Test

Police Report / Police Clearance Certificate

A Certificate of Non-Conviction or Police Clearance is required for the Cyprus student visa. 

You can visit your nearby Police Station and ask them to prepare a police report for you. 

They usually need your citizenship and passport to make the reports. So bring them with you. 

Bank Statement

You have to show that you have enough balance on your bank account to fund your education in Cyprus. 

Your bank balance must have a minimum of 7000 Euro, and it should be clearly mentioned in your statement. 

Prepare your statement from an A-class authentic bank so that your money reaches Cyprus safely.

NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Foreign Ministry

The foreign ministry in your country has to analyze your documents and give you a no-objection certificate. 

You then have to send that document to Cyprus to let them know that you are a legal and genuine student, and your foreign ministry doesn’t have any objection towards you. 

Attested certificates from Cyprus Embassy or Cyprus Consulate

All the documents you have prepared have to be attested from a Cyprus consular in your country.

Without their signature, your documents aren’t considered valid. 

Most of the countries don’t have a Cyprus Embassy, but they have a Cyprus Consulate. 

If your country doesn’t have any of that, you might have to visit your nearby country to get your documents attested. 


As I already said at the beginning, the Cyprus student visa requirement is different from one country to another. 

Above mentioned documents and certificates are mandatory for all the countries. 

While you get your offer letter from the college, they will tell you about all the documents you need to prepare for the Cyprus student visa. 

If you have any doubt, you can email them. 

If you have any questions regarding this article, please ask your query in the comment section below.

I would be happy to help.

If your intention to come to Cyprus on a student visa is to earn money rather than study, I suggest you read this article before starting your processing. 

Cyprus isn’t exactly what your agents are telling you.
Read this article to know more.

All the best. 

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