Interview With Aloysius From Cameroon (Student Life In Cyprus)

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My name is Aloysius and, I am from Cameroon.

I came to Cyprus on a student visa in February 2020.

Basically, certain factors motivated me to come to Cyprus; some of which include the following:

The Educational system is different from that of my country.

Secondly, because Cyprus is an EU member state and it’s in the Eurozone.

Again, I was equally motivated by its economy, safety, and security.

As a matter of fact, I was also motivated because of the information about Cyprus on the internet.

Above all,  its geographical position as well was a motivating factor to me.

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What were your expectations before coming to Cyprus?

As it has always been the case, I was also overwhelmed with expectations.

Some of which were to be able to pick up a part-time job while studying; being able to integrate quickly, taking care of my school needs and handling bills; providing a helping hand to some of my family members back home.

Did your expectations meet after coming here?

Unfortunately, I could not meet my expectations given that it was not easy to find a part-time job.

This proves that the information I found on the internet regarding job opportunities in Cyprus did not reflect the reality on the ground.

Also, integration has not been easy due to the language barrier.

Most business premises and some job sectors do insist on the fact that the applicant must be able to speak and write Greek.

More to that, some give priority to European citizens only. So the whole thing is poised with challenges.

Did you come to Cyprus through an agent, relative, friend or applied by yourself?

I actually came to Cyprus through a friend who turned out to be an agent.

He got me an admission, did some negotiations with the college regarding my tuition fees.

As soon as I made it here, he started like claiming a commission for helping me out.

Luckily enough, I had met someone who explained to me how the system works and I simply told him I have understood everything and that chapter closed.

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How much did you pay the agent? Was it worth it?

I had paid €3000 into the school account before traveling here and that amount covered my tuition and registration.

Insurance and migration fees were not included.

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How is the education system of private colleges in Cyprus?

As far as the educational system in colleges is concerned, one can conclude that it suits the context.

I have understood that they are practicing and approach which is closed to the competence-base (CBA).

However, the educational system here is far more simplified compared to that of my country and other countries that I have visited.

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What sort of jobs have you done in Cyprus till now?

I have been able to do some part-time with a dealer of antiquities and the pay package was not much encouraging but better than nothing.

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What are some of the best things in Cyprus? What’s your favorite?

Some amazing things that I have seen in Cyprus are:

  • The beautiful beaches
  • The transport system
  • Road infrastructure
  • The drainage system
  • The Cypriot cuisine
  • The health system

What are the worst things in Cyprus? What thing do you hate the most?

Cyprus has a lot of beautiful things as mentioned above but has its own cons too. Some of which include:

  • Some Cypriots are racists
  • Some categories of people are not allowed to do certain jobs they are mostly given to Cypriots.
  • Permanent Residence is not easily given in Cyprus.

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What suggestion do you want to give to someone who is willing to come to Cyprus on a student visa?

Cyprus as any other country in the world has its own ups and downs.

But I will advise whosoever who intends coming to Cyprus for studies should be ready to face some challenges.

It is generally stated in the Cypriot law that a student should spend at least 6 months in Cyprus before thinking of part-time jobs.

This, therefore, means that students in Cyprus will need serious family support or income from their home countries

Your final saying:

If I am given the opportunity to make some suggestions in this country, I will suggest the government opens up to people from other countries. Give opportunities to people from third countries to integrate quickly. Uplift restrictions on some jobs. I will suggest employment should focus on skills, not nationality.

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