Interview With Huong Hien From Vietnam (Student Life In Cyprus)

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Interview With Hien From Vietnam

Hy! My name is Huong Hien, and I am from Vietnam.

I was in Cyprus from 2017 till 2019.

I went there to study but didn’t like it, so I came back.

Here is my interview with

I would tell everything that I know.

I don’t know good English, so a friend of mine is translating this to English. Thanks to him.

Read the article till the end to know better.

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What were your expectations before going to Cyprus?

Cyprus is filled with agents. Your own people will fool you to make money.

A so-called friend of mine was there in Cyprus. She told me that I could earn a lot of money in Cyprus + do my study.

I expected to earn at least 800 Euros a month while continuing my classes.

Did your expectations meet after going there?

No way.

After I reached Cyprus, my friend got a commission from the college. After that, she even didn’t talk to me.

I still don’t know where she is.

She just disappeared.

I tried to look for jobs, but I couldn’t find any because of not having good English.

College was also tough for me. I didn’t understand what the teachers taught.

My expectations were badly shattered.

Did you come to Cyprus through an agent, relative, friend, or applied by yourself?

I had applied through an agent here and a friend of mine in Cyprus.

I didn’t know the person who I thought was a friend, was not less than any agent.

The agent in Vietnam took the money. That’s ok.

I am still disappointed that my friend also took money from me.

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How much did you pay the agent? Was it worth it?

I paid around 6,000 Euros in total.

No, that wasn’t worth it.

The college fee isn’t even that much.

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My friend and the agent overcharged me.

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How is the education system of private colleges in Cyprus?

Worst, I will say.

They are just money-making factories.

Some of them are good, but the majority of them are very bad.

They don’t care about you. They only care about money and themselves.

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How many hours per week did you work?

It was tough to find a job. I barely worked there.

Not in a week, but maybe 10/15 hours in a month.

What sort of jobs did you do when you were in Cyprus?

I did whatever job I found.

From cleaning the house, gardening, cutting trees, babysitting, in restaurant kitchen cleaning jobs.

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What are some of the best things in Cyprus? What’s your favorite?

I like Cyprus as a country.

  • They have good infrastructures.
  • 24 hours of electricity.
  • Proper and modern transportation.
  • Good health facilities.
  • Beautiful sceneries.
  • Nice weather

My favorite is the transportation system in Cyprus. It’s much better than what we have here in Vietnam.

What are the worst things in Cyprus? What thing do you hate the most?

Mainly I’m not too fond of the private colleges there. Their teaching ways are very bad.

  • People in Cyprus are racist.
  • The majority of them speak English, but they won’t give you jobs until you speak good Greek.
  • Room rent is expensive.
  • Electricity, water, Wi-Fi is expensive.
  • There are no jobs for international students.
  • Only a few jobs are allowed.

What suggestion do you want to give to someone who is willing to go to Cyprus on a student visa?

If you intend to study, then apply to Universities.

Universities in Cyprus are top in Europe.

If you think you can earn money there and pay your college fee, then you are wrong.

It’s very difficult.

Go to Cyprus only if your parents can support you financially every month.

If you are all on your own, then you might fall into trouble.

Your final saying:

I went there. I came back.

That doesn’t mean everything in Cyprus is bad.

If you have a good financial background, then you can have a great life in Cyprus.

If you are from a middle-class family like me with a lot of debt, then Cyprus isn’t a place for you.

Don’t trust agents.

Don’t trust colleges.

Learn some Greek and English before going there.

Don’t let anyone take you for granted.

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