Interview With Kartik Agarwal From India (Student Life In Cyprus)

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Interview With Kartik Agarwal From India Student visa Cyprus

Namaste everyone.

My name is Kartik Agarwal, and I am from India. I was in Cyprus from 2017 to 2019 as an international student. I came back to India because I was not too fond of Cyprus.

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What were your expectations before going to Cyprus?

Frankly speaking, I wanted to go to Australia. I had a study gap of 6 years, and Australia wasn’t giving me a visa. So to clear my gap, I went to Cyprus. I was hoping to transfer my credits to Australia from Cyprus and also hoping to earn a good amount of money in Cyprus while studying.

Did your expectations meet reaching there?

Not even a single bit.

My agent had told me that transferring my credit to Australian Universities would be very easy from Cyprus. Only after reaching Cyprus, I realized it isn’t easy to do that.

I wanted to earn money too. Rather than attending the lectures, I used to wander here and there to look for a job. There was no job, and I couldn’t focus on my studies.

2 years and my life was going awful in Cyprus. I couldn’t deal with the pathetic life I was having there. So I came back to my country.

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Did you go to Cyprus through an agent, relative, friend, or applied by yourself?

I went there on a student visa, and an agent had done the processing for me. That was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

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How much did you pay the agent? Was it worth it?

I had paid 4600 Euro as college fees and 1000 Euro as the agent’s fee. With flight ticket, shopping and all that, total expenditure had become more than 7000 Euros.

We are a middle-class family. Arranging that amount of money was very difficult for us. My dad sold his shop so that I could go to Cyprus.

After I reached Cyprus, I got to know the actual college free was just 2500 Euro. Can you imagine?

I had literally cried.

If you are planning on going to Cyprus on a student visa, please don’t pay more money to the agent.

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How was the education system of private colleges in Cyprus?

Worst. Even the worst colleges in India are much better than those private colleges in Cyprus.

They have 0 level of education. They don’t care about students. All they care about is money.

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What sort of jobs did you do while you were in Cyprus?

My mom never let me clean the dishes in India, and in Cyprus, I was cleaning sewage and garbage skips.

My dad sold his shop so that I could go to Cyprus and eventually Australia, but you know what I was doing? What I had to do? I had to work in the construction field. Yes, I was carrying cement sacks, bricks, stones, and all other sorts of things for 10 hours a day for only 20 euros.

I worked as a gardener, a dishwasher, a painter, and all other things.

Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying. I wasn’t working full time. Those jobs were part-time. Sometimes once a month, sometimes once in 2 months. There is no job in Cyprus for students.

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What are some of the best things in Cyprus? What’s your favorite?

Cyprus, as a country, is like heaven. So clean and peaceful. Much developed than India.

If you are European, there are a lot of opportunities for you. If you are Asian and then Indian, the situation is not good there for us.

I liked the transportation system in Cyprus the most.

What are the worst things in Cyprus? What thing do you hate the most?

The worst things in Cyprus are:

  • Private colleges and their teaching standards
  • Corruption
  • Racist people
  • No jobs for students

What suggestion do you want to give to someone willing to go to Cyprus on a student visa?

Are you rich? Can your parents afford your tuition fee and all other utility bills?

If they can, then go and have fun in Cyprus.

If your dad also has to sell this house or shop just to send you to Cyprus, then don’t go. It’s not worth it.

Apply to a University. Universities are good in there. Never go to a private college. I repeat, never.

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Your final saying:

I am happy at home with my parents. Those 2 years I spent in Cyprus was the worst 2 years of my life.

Again, thank you, Mr. Aashish, for giving me this opportunity to get featured on his site.

If his site existed in 2017, I would have never gone to Cyprus on a student visa. I really appreciate what he is doing.

Good luck.

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