Interview With Kevin From Nigeria (Student Life In Cyprus)

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Interview With Kevin From Nigeria Cyprus Student Visa

Hy! I’m Kevin, a Nigerian Business management student here in Cyprus.

I have been in Cyprus since June 2019 and have about 3 years of study time left.

I came to Cyprus intending to secure a bachelor’s degree in International business while also gaining the exposure that comes with working and studying in a different culture.

I was attracted to the idea of earning a living while also earning my degree.

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What were your expectations before coming to Cyprus?

I expected to make about 800 Euros a month working and to receive a quality education.

Did your expectations meet after coming here?

Things haven’t been bad in the quality of education, but I haven’t made a reasonable amount due to unemployment.

The cost of living has also been above what I was told to budget. Also, accommodation for international students is mostly scarce and overpriced.

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Did you come to Cyprus through an agent, relative, friend or, applied by yourself?

I contacted the college, which directed me to an agent in Nigeria.

How much did you pay the agent? Was it worth it?

I paid about 300 Euros to the agent.

Other amounts, I paid to the college directly.

The agent helped with getting documents and certifications that could have been otherwise stressful to obtain.

In my personal opinion, it’s better to pay the agent as it saves you time and money in the long run.

Also, not all the agents are good. Some of them are just crooks.

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How is the education system of private colleges in Cyprus?

It is easy to get carried away by the percentage of ‘uninterested’ students in private colleges but, the education in my college is relatively standard. The facilities and lecturers are qualified enough.

However, since most students in these Private colleges are here primarily for economic and not academic reasons, there is a general feeling of lack of commitment and low attendance on their (the students) part.

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Do you have a job now? What sort of works have you done till now?

I’m currently unemployed.

I once worked in construction and house maintenance.

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What are some of the best things in Cyprus? What’s your favorite?

Summer life is quite exciting.

The scenery is amazing, and there are many historical sites if you are into medieval history.

What are the worst things in Cyprus? What thing do you hate the most?

Transportation and accommodation can be challenging, but the lack of job opportunities for non-European international students tops the list.

What suggestion do you want to give to someone willing to come to Cyprus on a student visa?

Manage your expectations, and don’t come without a backup source of income.

Things are totally different in Cyprus, as you have been told by the agents. Research properly before applying to Cyprus.

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Your final saying:

People have different reasons for wanting to come to Cyprus.

If yours is primarily to make money, then it may be wise to explore other alternatives.

However, if you are an international student looking for a good college experience, Cyprus is a good destination.

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