Is Cyprus Bigger Than Malta? (Comparison)

Cyprus and Malta are both island countries in the Mediterranian region. They also have similar weather patterns. The living standard of people in both countries is quite similar.

Today in this article we will discuss the comparison between Cyprus and Malta regarding different aspects.


Is Cyprus Bigger than Malta?

The total area of Cyprus is 9,251 km2  and the total area of Malta is 316 km2. Cyprus is bigger than Malta by 8,935 km2. Cyprus is almost 30 times bigger than Malta.

Area of Cyprus:  3,572 sq mi ( 9,251 km2 )

Area of Cyprus Compared to Malta

Area of Malta:  122 sq mi ( 316 km2 )

Area of Malta compared to Cyprus



As per the Worldometer data, the current population of Cyprus as of 5th December 2020 is 1,211,186.

Population of Cyprus Compared to Malta

According to the national statistics office of Malta, the total population of Malta as of the beginning of 2020 is estimated to be around 5,14,564.

Here is some more data comparison between Cyprus and Malta.

The capital city of Cyprus is Nicosia and the capital city of Malta is Valletta.

Official Languages

Cyprus: Greek and Turkish
Malta: Maltese

Human Development Index

HDI of Cyprus as of 2018: 0.873
HDI of Malta as of 2018: 0.885

Cyprus Timezone:

UTC + 2 (Eastern European Time)
UTC + 3 (Eastern European Summer Time)

Malta Timezone: 

UTC + 1  (Central European Time)
UTC + 2 (Central European Summer Time)

Geological Coordinates

Coordinates of Cyprus:
35° 0′ 0″ N33° 0′ 0″ E

Coordinates of Malta:
35° 54′ 0″ N14° 31′ 0″ E

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