Is Wales Bigger Than Lake Victoria? (Comparison)

Wales is a country located in Europe and is a part of the United Kingdom, whereas Lake Victoria is a lake located in African Continent. Today in this article, we will discuss the comparison between Wales and Lake Victoria regarding various aspects.


Is Wales bigger than Lake Victoria?

The total area of Wales is 14,130 sq km, and the total surface area of Lake Victoria is 59,947 sq km. Wales is smaller than Lake Michigan by 39,168 sq km. Wales is around 2.88 times smaller than Lake Michigan.

Area of Wales:  8,023 sq mi ( 20,779 km2 )

Area of Wales compared to Lake Victoria

Surface Area of Lake Victoria:  23,146 sq mi ( 59,947 km2 )

Area of Lake Victoria compared to Wales

Here is some more data comparison between Wales and Lake Victoria.

Geological Coordinates

Coordinates of Wales:
54° 40′ 0″ N, 6° 40′ 0″ W

Coordinates of Lake Victoria:
1° 0′ 0″ S33° 0′ 0″ E

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