North Dakota vs Qatar (Statistical Comparison)

North Dakota is a state located in the upper Midwestern region of the United States of America, whereas Qatar is a country located in Western Asia. Today in this article, we will discuss the comparison between North Dakota and Qatar regarding various aspects.


Is North Dakota bigger than Qatar?

The total area of North Dakota is 70,704 sq mi, and the total area of Qatar is 4,471 sq mi. North Dakota is bigger than Qatar by 66,233 sq mi. North Dakota is around 15.81 times bigger than Qatar.

Area of North Dakota: 70,704 sq mi ( 183,123 km2 )


Area of Qatar:  asdfgh sq mi ( asdfgh km2 )



According to the United States Census Bureau, the total population of North Dakota as of 1st July 2021 was estimated to be around 774,948.


Based on the World Bank data, the total population of Qatar as of 2020, was estimated to be around asdfgh.


Here is some more data comparison between North Dakota and Qatar.

The capital city of North Dakota is Bismarck and the capital city of Qatar is asdfgh.

Official Languages

North Dakota: English
Qatar: asdfgh


North Dakota: North Dakotan
Qatar: asdfgh

ISO 3166 Code

North Dakota: US-ND
Qatar: asdfgh

North Dakota Time Zone: 

UTC – 6 (Central Standard Time)
UTC – 7 (Mountain Standard Time)

Summer (DST):
UTC – 5 (Central Daylight Time)
UTC – 6 (Mountain Daylight Time)

Qatar Time Zone: 


Geological Coordinates

Coordinates of North Dakota:
47° 0′ 0″ N, 100° 0′ 0″ W

Coordinates of Qatar:

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