How to Apply Cyprus On A Student Visa From Nepal?

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Apply Cyprus From Nepal On A Student Visa

Cyprus has become one of the significant study destinations for Nepali students since 2016. Easier to apply and high visa success rate are the significant factors for Cyprus to attract thousands of students every year from all over the world.

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In this article, I will be guiding you through the documents preparation, collection, and submission process for Cyprus. Applying for Cyprus on a student visa from Nepal is easy, but only when you have proper step by step guidance. So, if I were you, I wouldn’t skip a single sentence from this article while reading.

I still remember the day when I traveled from my home to Kathmandu on a night bus. I usually don’t travel during night time, but that day I had to. It was a boring Saturday night, and my health condition wasn’t that well.

I was told that Sunday is the last day to submit all my documents to the Cyprus Consulate. If I’m not able to provide, then I will have to wait for another four months to apply again.

I was in no mood of waiting for that long, so despite being unwell, I rode the night bus.

The next day, when I reached Kathmandu, I headed directly towards the Consulate. I went to the receptionist and gave her my documents.

She asked me, “What are these”?

I replied, “I am applying for Cyprus on a student visa. Today is the last day to submit these documents, so I have brought these to you”.

Surprisingly she said, “Okay, I got your point, but who told you that today is the last day for the submission of the documents? You still have 25 more days to apply, and you don’t even have all the documents.”

My eyes were wide open. Not only the information provided to me was incorrect, but also, the documents were not complete.

Why did this happen? Whom should I blame?

This happened because I trusted the wrong information. I should have checked the authenticity of the information given to me, but I didn’t do it. So, I blame myself.

As I have mentioned in the about us section, I created this site to help students so that they don’t fall in the hands of fake agents.

Read here the Things agents say about Cyprus that you mustn’t trust.

What happened to me is terrible, so I don’t want anyone else to have those issues that I have faced while applying for Cyprus.

If you are applying through a consultancy, then your agent will give you all the information written in this article.

If you are applying on your own or through a friend/relative of yours, then this article is written precisely to help people like you.

Here is a step by step guide for you to apply Cyprus on a student visa from Nepal.

You will also get to learn how to process Cyprus Visa for Nepalese Citizens in this article. 

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College selection and Offer letter

Firstly, you need to choose a college and get an offer letter from them. You need to send your scanned documents to the college, and after analyzing, they will provide you the offer letter.

Documents required:

  • SLC documents (certificate + mark sheet)
  • +2 Certificates (transcript + migration + provisional)
  • Citizenship (front and backside)
  • Passport (front and backside)
  • Passport size photo

When you get the offer letter, you can start your processing. Usually, colleges send the offer letter within 1 to 3 weeks.

Police Report

I didn’t make the police report first, and I regretted that every day. It takes 3 days for the police report to come out. So in those 3 days, you can go and prepare other documents.  You will have to bring the following things with you.

  • Passport
  • Citizenship
  • Photos

To make my police report, I went to the Metropolitan Police Office (Ratna Park Police Station). It was near to me, and everything was easily accessible. It’s up to you to choose where you want to go.

I suggest you go early because there will be a lot of people in the queue. When you reach there, go to the main gate. A police guy will give you a form, and you have to fill that form.

If you don’t know how to fill the form, you can get help from other people.

Outside there, you will see some people with printers. They are experienced with the process, and they will charge you 100 Rs for it. They will give you a Postal Ticket (hulak ticket), make a copy of your documents, and fill the required form.

When your form is ready, you have to bring it inside. They will tell you to come after 3 days or give you a date.

This whole process will take around 1 hour, but if the number of people there is more, you might have to wait a little longer.

Medical Reports and Certificate

After you finish with the police report, I suggest you prepare your medical certificate. I went to Bir Hospital for it. It is cheaper, and the certificate provided by the Bir Hospital has more value compared to others. Go there and tell in the cash counter that you have come for the medical certificate. They will ask you for which country and you have to mention Cyprus in there.

You have to do the following medical checkups:

  • X-ray
  • Urine test
  • Blood test

The cost for all these checkups will be around 1500 Rs.

If you reach there early enough, chances are you will get all your medical reports on the same day. If not, then they might tell you to come the next day or after a couple of days.

When you get all your medical reports, you have to bring them to the authorized doctors. They will have a look at it and will make a certificate for you.

You have to bring the following things with you:

  • All your medial reports
  • Passport / Passport copy
  • Citizenship / Citizenship copy
  • Photos

After you get your certificate from the doctor, you have to verify it by going to 2 places.

  1. Darta Chalani Kakshya
    This is inside the Bir Hospital. I don’t exactly remember it, but I think it’s on the 4th floor.
    You don’t have to pay anything in there.
  1. Sukraraj Hospital (Teku Hospital)
    When you get the certificate verified by the Darta Chalani Kakshya you have to go to Sukraraj Hospital to verify it again.
    Sukraraj Hospital is in Teku.

You have to go to the cash counter and tell them that you are there for the medical certificate stamping.

You will have to pay 200 Rs in there.

They will give you a ticket (bill), and you have to bring it to the first floor.

You will also need to bring these following things with you:

  • Medical certificate
  • Passport and a copy of it
  • Citizenship and a copy of it
  • The Bill provided to you in the cash counter of the Sukraraj Hospital

When you submit these documents to the receptionist, she will bring them with her and get it stamped by the doctor.

You will also have to provide a copy of the certificate after it gets stamped.

If you do things actively, you can finish the police report, medical report, and medical certificate verification within a single day.

It totally depends upon you about how you do things.

Academic Certificates Attestation

Why are we preparing the academic certificates attestation on the fourth step?

Aren’t these the primary certificates that we need?

Well, yes. These are the primary documents that we need to apply for Cyprus on a student visa from Nepal.

We are doing it in the fourth step because this process doesn’t take much of your time, like the police report and medical certificate. You already have your academic documents with you, so all you have to do is bring them to the concerned places.

Where do you go for this process?
You have to go to Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

You need to go to the SLC Board office to attest the SLC certificates and HSEB office (Higher Secondary Education Board) to certify the +2 certificates.

The earlier you get there, the sooner you can finish the attestation process. The office opens at 10:00 AM, so if you reach there by 9:30, you can complete your work on the same day. Otherwise, you will have to go the next day.

Certificates you need:

  • SLC certificate
  • SLC mark sheet
  • +2 transcript
  • +2 Migration
  • +2 Provisional
  1. SLC Board
    When you reach there, you have to bring the following documents:
  • SLC certificate + 5 copies
  • SLC mark sheet + 5 copies

They will charge 500 Rs for 5 copies of the SLC certificate and 500 Rs for 5 copies of the mark sheet.

So, total copies = 10

total price = 1000 Rs

You don’t have to attest the original certificates. When you apply for Cyprus on a student visa from Nepal, attestation on the photocopies can also work.

  1. HSEB Board
    Required documents:
  • +2 transcript + 3 copies
  • +2 migration + 3 copies
  • +2 provisional + 3 copies

They will charge 500 Rs for 3 copies of each certificate.

So, total copies = 9

total price = 500 Rs

Yes, it’s cheaper in the HSEB. You will only have to pay 500 Rs for 9 copies. Don’t get confused.

These prices might get changed from time to time. I am telling you from what I paid.

(If you are applying for Masters Course, you have to go to Balkhu TU board and attest your bachelor’s certificates from there.)

Verification from Education Office (Sikshya Karyalaye)

All the attested documents that you prepared from the SLC board and HSEB board are needed to be verified by the Education Office.

The education office is situated inside the Keshar Palace (Keshar Mahal) or widely known as Keshar Pustakalaye.

Keshar Mahal is located west of Narayanhity Palace.

Required documents:

All the attested academic documents

  • SLC certificate + 5 copies
  • SLC mark sheet + 5 copies
  • +2 transcript + 3 copies
  • +2 migration + 3 copies
  • +2 provisional + 3 copies

You don’t have to pay anything in there.
The stamping from the Education Office is Free of Charge.

NOC (No Objection Certificate)

NOC is a certificate that indicates that the Education Ministry of Nepal has no objection to you regarding your processing. You have to get an NOC to send money from the bank to the college. We will discuss the bank process later in this article.

You can make your NOC from the Keshar Mahal.

You need to bring the following documents to get a NOC letter.

  • Offer letter from the college (2 copies)
  • Citizenship + photocopy
  • Passport + photocopy
  • SLC certificate + photocopy
  • SLC mark sheet + photocopy
  • +2 transcript + photocopy
  • +2 Provisional certificate + photocopy

It will cost around 2000 Rs to make your NOC certificate.

Verification from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Pararastra Mantralaye)

Current location: Department of Passport (Rahadani Bibhag), Lainchaur

When you apply for abroad, you have to verify your documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Required Documents:

  • Medical certificate original + Photocopy
  • Police report original + Photocopy
  • Passport original + color photocopy
  • SLC certificate + attested + stamped
  • SLC mark sheet + attested + stamped
  • +2 transcript + attested + stamped
  • +2 migration + attested + stamped
  • +2 provisional + attested + stamped

Bank Statement

Do you have an account in an A-Class bank?
I hope you do.

If you don’t have, I suggest you open an account as soon as possible. From that bank, you will be sending money to the college.

You should have at least 11 Lakhs Rs on your bank account.  The bank will make you a statement having that amount, and you have to send that statement to the college.

Documents required to send money from the bank are:

  • Passport
  • Offer letter from the college
  • Invoice
  • NOC

The bank details of the college would be given in your offer letter.

If you go to your bank and tell them that you are applying for Cyprus on a student visa, they will tell you all the process. You don’t need to worry about that.

Documents submission on Cyprus consulate

After you prepare all the documents, you have to bring them to the Cyprus consulate for verification and submission.

Cyprus consulate is situated at Kantipath.
You have to look for the Jyoti Bhawan, and the Consulate of Cyprus office is located on the third floor of it.

Following are the documents you need to bring to the consulate office:

  • You should present all the documents that you stamped from the MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). So basically, you have to bring every document that you have to the Consulate of Cyprus.
  • Medical certificate
  • Police report
  • Passport
  • SLC certificate + attested + stamped + verified by MoFA
  • SLC mark sheet + attested + stamped + verified by MoFA
  • +2 transcript + attested + stamped + verified by MoFA
  • +2 migration + attested + stamped + verified by MoFA
  • +2 provisional + attested + stamped + verified by MoFA

After registering and analyzing your documents, they will give them back to you.

They don’t take any money to do this. Everything is free of charge.

Before going to the Cyprus Consulate, always call them first. Ask them about the documents and check if you completed them or not.
Also, ask them the last date for the document submission.

Rules are frequently changing. So the documents that I presented mightn’t be needed when you apply.

Phone Number of Cyprus Consulate Nepal: (+977) 1 422 5490 / 6327

Email address:

Click here to learn more about the Cyprus consulate in Nepal.

Sending documents to the college

You are almost done now. You have all the documents, and you also registered them in the Consulate.

Now, you have to send those documents to the college.
This time, I am not talking about sending the scanned files. You have to send the original documents.

You have to courier them to the college. I did so with the help of the DHL courier service.

Website: DHL Nepal

They charge around 2500 Rs for the courier.

Visit your nearest DHL office and get information from them.

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Visa approval and arrival

You sent all your documents to the college. Now, what do you do?
You wait for the response from the college.

They will mail you and inform you about your VISA and other information.

The visa process might take between 3 weeks to 2 months.

If you are applying through a consultancy, the college will mail them.

If you are applying with the help of a friend/relative currently residing in Cyprus, then the college will inform them.  

As of 2020, the visa success rate for Cyprus from Nepal is high, so I believe you will get your visa soon too.

After you get your visa, you have to go to the consulate office once again to verify some of your documents, and they are :

  • Passport
  • Visa (color print)
  • 2-way plane ticket

I hope you read the whole article from top to bottom without skipping a single sentence. If you have jumped, I suggest you go and start from the beginning.
The article is written to help you, so don’t neglect the chance.

You just read the step by step guide to study Cyprus from Nepal on a student visa.

What do you think? It’s hard, right?
It’s obviously hard, but trust me, it is way more easier than applying for other countries.

Can you apply to Cyprus on your own now?

Let me know in the comment section below.

I will try to help you as much as I can.
You can directly email me at: 

Don’t fall in the hands of uncertified and dumb agents.
They are there only to make money from you.
Be wise. 

All the best.

If your intention to come to Cyprus is to earn money rather than study, then I suggest you not to come. Read in here about How Much Can An International Student Earn In Cyprus to know better. 

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By Aashish Poudel Genuine

Aashish Poudel Genuine is a web developer, writer and currently a student in Cyprus. He has created this site to help people who are willing to come to Cyprus or want to know more about this country.


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