How to Apply Cyprus On A Student Visa From Nigeria?

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Apply Cyprus From Nigeria On A Student Visa

Cyprus has become a preferred destination for a lot of Nigerian students wanting to school in Europe. High Visa success rate is one of the main reasons for students to choose Cyprus for their higher studies.

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The number of students wanting to study in Cyprus from Nigeria is increasing day by day. Meanwhile, with this increment, fake and greedy agents are on the rise too. They will provide you misinformation and try to make money from you. I don’t want you to fall into their trap.

Hello everyone, I am Kevin, and I am from Nigeria. I am writing this article to help fellow Nigerian students who want to come to Cyprus on a student visa.

I would like to thank Mr. Aashish Poudel Genuine for publishing my article on his site. I am grateful for his help and support.

Here, you have a step by step guide to apply Cyprus from Nigeria on a student visa.

This article is based on applying for Southern Cyprus. Northern Cyprus is under Turkish influence and unrecognized by the European Union. 

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College selection and offer (admission) letter

Firstly, you need to choose a college and get an offer letter from them. You need to send your scanned certificates to the college. After checking they will provide you the offer letter.

Documents to send:

  • WAEC results certificates
  • Proof of English proficiency

Students with C4 and above grades in English don’t need this)

  • Passport data page (Frontpage)
  • Passport size photo

If you meet the requirements, you’ll be sent an email detailing your next step.

When you get the admission letter, you can start your processing.

Usually, colleges send the offer letter within 1 to 2 weeks.

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Medical Certificates and Reports

I would like to suggest you prepare your medical reports and medical certificate after you get your admission letter. For this, you have to go to a hospital or clinic to do your medical tests. The test includes the following things:

  • X-ray
  • Blood test (HIV, Hepatitis, and other STD’s)
  • Urine test

Bring your proof of identification. (Passport or National ID card)

You will also have to bring 2 passport size photographs.

Police Certificate

This can be prepared at any CID office (Criminal Investigation Department). I made mine from the state CID in Akure.

You can also apply by emailing them to address to the Commissioner of Police, but I suggest you go and manually do it.

It will take around a week for you to get your police report because it has to go to Lagos for approval.

You need to bring along the following documents:

  • Passport (original + copies)
  • Two passport-size photographs

They will ask you about your destination country, and you have to mention Cyprus there.

  • A set of fingerprints will be taken and certified by a recognized police authority or the Nigerian embassy or consulate to make your police certificate.

Bank documents and statement

You should have a bank account having at least 7000 Euros. When you go to the bank and tell them you want your balance statement, they will provide it for you.

Make sure you let them know that you need it for international studies, i.e. Cyprus.

If you get confused with anything regarding the balance certificate, just ask the bank employees. They will help you out with it.

Documents you need to bring:

  • Passport (original + copies)
  • Bank account details
  • Passport size photocopies

Getting to know your agent

Till here, you have prepared your Bank statement, Police Report, and Medical Certificates.

When you get your admission letter from the college, they will assign you an agent too.

This agent can be more trusted than any random agent.

You have to be in constant communication with your agent as your agent will require some documents from time to time.

  • If it’s convenient enough for you, I suggest you go and meet your agent personally.
  • Handover your documents (including passport) to your agent that you have arranged or you can send them by courier servicing.
  • Your agent will take your documents to the required agencies for attestation and verification.

Having a trustworthy agent really makes your Nigeria to Cyprus student visa processing more straightforward and faster.

Now all you have to do and sit and relax.

The visa processing might take between 2 to 3 months.

When your visa is approved, you will be contacted by your agent. He/she will send you your blue entry visa, which you will have to take to the Cyprus consulate in Nigeria.

Read here the Things agents say about Cyprus that you mustn’t trust.

Stamping from Cyprus Consulate

When you take your blue entry visa to the Cyprus Consulate, you will be required to bring along the following documents.

Call them before you go, because they are closed by 1:00 Pm.

Telephone Number:

+ 234 812 899 0728
+ 234 812 899 0845
+ 234 812 899 0357

Email address:

Documents to take:

  • Admission letter from the college
  • Passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Blue entry visa
  • 2-way plane ticket

They will stamp your passport with your visa and congratulate you.

I hope you read and enjoyed the article. What do you think? Was the step by step guide to apply Cyprus from Nigeria helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.

I wish you all the best in your journey.

If your intention to come to Cyprus is to earn money rather than study, then I suggest you not to come. Read in here about How Much Can An International Student Earn In Cyprus to know better. 

Written By: Kevin
Edited By: Aashish Poudel Genuine (site owner)

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