What Is IOM Cyprus And How Does It Work?

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What Is IOM Cyprus And How Does It Work

Want to return back to your home country but don’t even have money to buy a plane ticket?
IOM Cyprus can help you.

Hello everyone, welcome to Cyprusandaxi.com.

My name is Ashish, and today I am going to share with you a step-by-step detailed guide about IOM Cyprus and how you can be benefited from their services.

Make sure to read the article till the end to understand better about IOM Cyprus.

What is IOM?

Before we start with the article, it’s very important to understand what IOM is.

IOM stands for International Organization for Migration. As it’s in the name, IOM is an organization created in order to help migrants who are stuck or helpless in a foreign country away from their home.

IOM was established in 1951, but at that time it had a different name. The same organization went by 4 different names from 1951 AD to 1989 AD.

At first, it was known as PICMME which stands for the Provisional Intergovernmental Committee for the Movement of Migrants from Europe.

In 1952, they changed the name from PICMME to ICEM which stands for Intergovernmental Committee for European Migration.

Again, in 1980, ICEM was changed to ICM. (Intergovernmental Committee for Migration).

Finally, in 1989, the name was changed to IOM and it has stayed the same since then.

No matter how many times the name was changed, the purpose of the organization stayed the same.

Here is some more information about IOM headquarters.

IOM Headquarters

IOM Cyprus

Currently, International Organization for Migration (IOM) is established in more than 150 countries worldwide. Out of those countries, Cyprus also has an IOM office and it is known as IOM Cyprus.

Cyprus became an IOM Member-State in May 1974 whereas the IOM office in Cyprus was inaugurated in November 2015.

IOM Cyprus closely works with governmental authorities in Cyprus such as the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health, and academia.

Natasa Xenophontos-Koudouna is the Head of the Office of the UN Migration Agency (IOM) in Cyprus.
(Source IOM Cyprus website)

What is the main purpose of IOM Cyprus?

The major projects IOM Cyprus office handles are:

  • Voluntary return and reintegration
  • Relocation, Resettlement, and family reunification
  • Integration
  • Access to services and public awareness to counter the rise in xenophobia and discrimination.
  • TandEm (Towards Empowered Migrant Youth in Southern Europe)

IOM Cyprus also engages in capacity-building and public awareness actions with the financial contribution of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus since the establishment of the office.

How to get registered in IOM Cyprus for a Voluntary return?

Now, this is the main thing you all want to know, right? Don’t worry. I will be providing you step by step guide on how you can get registered for the IOM Cyprus services and get help returning back to your home country.

I should mention this at the beginning, IOM Cyprus services are for those who are really in need of assistance. If you are capable of buying a plane ticket and returning back home by yourself, I suggest you do so.

Let’s start.

First of all, you will need to call them and let them know you want their assistance. They will give you an appointment date on which you will have to go visit them in their office.

Here are the contact details of IOM Cyprus.

Location: Nehru Avenue 1102, Nicosia, Cyprus
Phone No: +357 22772270
Fax: +357 22772265
Email: iomnicosia@iom.int
Website: Cyprus.iom.int
Facebook: fb.com/IOMCyprus
Twitter: twitter.com/iomcyprus

IOM Cyprus is located exactly at the Old Hospital area, at the premises of the old Dermatology Department.

You can look at the map below.

IOM Cyprus location

Click here to go to the location in Google Map.

IOM Cyprus is usually open Monday to Thursday: 08:00 AM to 4:30 PM and on Friday: 08:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

As I said earlier, they will give you an appointment date and time, and on that date, you have to go to the IOM office. Don’t be late.

Make sure to bring your Passport and pink card if you are a student, and Alien paper or any other document if you are a refugee/asylum seeker.

When you call them first, also ask them if they need any other documents for the procedure.

Let’s discuss what will happen once you reach the IOM Cyprus office on the appointed date.

Upon arrival, a counselor is appointed for you. They will ask you some questions about yourself and ask you the reason why you need assistance from IOM Cyprus.

You will have to fill a basic form. Sometimes, they will do it for you.

The form looks like this: 

IOM Form For Returning back home


After your form is filled in, they will take your photo.

Well, that’s it.

When they get all the required information from you, your interview/appointment is done.

Now, you have to wait. The waiting period varies from person to person.

Usually, it takes somewhere between 25 days up to 3 months for you to get a plane ticket.

They will call you 1 week before your flight date and provide your additional information.

You will again have to go to the IOM Cyprus office to get your ticket and additional documents.

Also, you will have to do a COVID test 2 days before your flight. It usually costs between 75 Euro to 100 Euro.

But don’t worry. You don’t have to pay. It’s free for you. IOM pays on behalf of you.

If your test is negative, you are allowed to fly. But if your test comes positive, you won’t be able to go.

IOM will call you and reschedule your flight.

Once you become COVID negative, you can go on the next flight. This might take around 30 days.

Meeting IOM staff at the airport

Your flight details will be with you. You have to reach the airport 3 hours before your flight.

IOM staff will be there waiting for you.

They will be wearing IOM signs so that they could be easily recognizable. They usually sit near the information point so that everyone can see them.

Once all the applicants reach the airport, IOM staff will provide you your COVID report and other additional documents.

They will also help you with luggage check-in and will guide you to the departure gate.

Things become easier with the help from the IOM staff at the airport.

Before boarding the plane, IOM Cyprus also gives you cash assistance of 300 Euro. 

You will also receive an IOM bag with useful information about your journey as well as transit details if there is any.

Before you board the flight, you will also have to fill a form answering some questions about IOM services. IOM has helped you a lot till now, I am sure filling a form to help them once shouldn’t be a big issue for you.

Once everything’s done, you board the plane.

Meeting IOM staff at the transit airport

Once the plane lands, IOM staff will be waiting for you in the transit country.

Till you board the next plane, the staff won’t leave you.

You will also be provided with Food and additional services.

Don’t worry. It’s free too.

They will guide you to the departure gate and help you with the check-ins.

You board the plane and you fly to your country.

IOM can also assist you in your country upon arrival. If you think you might fall into some trouble in your country, you have to inform IOM about that. IOM staff will be there to help you.


Hope you have read the full article without skipping any sentence. Here are some key points to remember.

  • Call IOM and book an appointment.
  • Be present on the day of the appointment.
  • Provide them all the information about you that is required.
  • Wait for a month or two, for them to call you back.
  • Visit the IOM office again, do a COVID test, and if the test is negative, get ready to fly back home.
  • Meet the IOM staff at the airport. They will help you with necessary requirements.
  • IOM staff will be there at the transit country. They will assist you with food and additional services.
  • IOM will help you when you reach your country if you have requested any assistance.

Isn’t it just great?

They arrange a flight ticket for you, they pay for your COVID test, you get 300 Euro cash assistance and also free food in the transit country.

I mean, if you can’t appreciate what IOM is doing, then I believe you should really re-think your life choices.

I have seen a lot of complaints on the internet about IOM Cyprus.
Complaints like: They are very slow, it takes a lot of time, bla bla bla… 

You needed help. They are helping you for free. Do you really think you have the right to complain?

Yes, it takes time. Sometimes it takes up to 3 months. Things have to go in a systematic order. They are doing their best for you to help. So have some patience and be glad, because at least someone’s there to help you in a foreign land.

I am glad organizations like IOM (International Organization for Migration) exist in this world.

IOM is really making this world a better place to live.

Thank you IOM for your services, and thank you particular visitor for reading this article.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section below. I would be happy to help.

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