Can You Visit The EU Countries With A Cyprus Student Visa?

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Currently, the European Union has 27 countries. Previously there were 28, but on 31st January 2020, the United Kingdom opted out from the European Union.

Out of those 27 countries, Cyprus is one of the members of the EU.

Cyprus joined the EU on 1st May 2004.

Since Cyprus became a part of the EU, it has been considered a central hub for international students to pursue their higher education degrees.

The majority of the people from Asia and Africa come to Cyprus on a student visa. With a dream of living European life and a to have better future, they often believe everything their agents / Consultancies say.

Well, you know what, you shouldn’t do that. Most of the time, agents feed you lies so that you process the documentation through them, and they get the commission.

Read here in detail about the things agents say about Cyprus that you mustn’t trust.

One of the things they say is, “Once you are in Cyprus on a student visa, you are free to move to other European countries, and no one will stop you.”

Are they telling the truth?
Obviously, not.

So, Can you visit the EU countries with a Cyprus student visa?

You can indeed travel to some European countries, but not to all of them, as your agents say.

Well, I promise you. At the end of this article, all your confusion will be cleared.

Today in this article, we will learn about whether you can travel to other European countries from Cyprus or not. And if you can travel to Europe on a Cyprus visa, how and what is the process?

Interesting, right? Keep reading.

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European Union and Schengen Area

European Union and Schengen Zone

Do you remember at the beginning of this article I told you that there are currently 27 countries in the European Union?

Out of those 27 countries, 22 countries are in the Schengen Zone.

Now, what is Schengen?

Schengen is a visa agreement between 26 European States to abolish border control at their mutual borders. 26 European countries, not the countries in the European Union. There is a difference. Don’t get confused.

In simple terms, if you are in one of the countries in the Schengen area, you can travel to another country in the Schengen area with a common visa. No new visa is required.

Unfortunately, Cyprus isn’t a Schengen country yet.

Will Cyprus ever join the Schengen Zone? Read here in detail about when and how Cyprus might join the Schengen Area?

If Cyprus were a Schengen Country, you could freely travel to other European countries. But it isn’t. So there are limitations.

Usually, if students are allowed to travel to other Schengen countries from Cyprus, chances are; they will never return back to Cyprus. This is the main reason they don’t allow students to visit other countries.

Countries you can easily get the tourist visa from Cyprus being on a student visa

Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia from Cyprus

Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania

Like Cyprus, these above three countries are in the European Union but aren’t in Schengen Zone.

You can’t go to other Schengen countries with a student visa from either of the above countries.

Suppose you go to Romania from Cyprus. When you reach Romania and want to visit Germany, they won’t give you a visa. As a result, you will have to come back to Cyprus. The same goes for Croatia and Bulgaria.

Rules are changing day by day. You could easily get an on-arrival visa for these countries in the past, but now you will have to get a proper visa to travel to these countries.

To know more about this, visit the embassies of your concerned destination in Cyprus.

Documents required while applying for a tourist visa

The requirements are pretty basics.

  • Holiday letter from the college
    As you are a student in Cyprus and your visa status is a student visa, you need to get permission from your college to visit other countries. The college will provide you a no-objection letter, also called the holiday letter. You have to show this letter to the immigration.
    College gives you the holiday letter only if the classes are closed. If your classes are running and you ask them to provide you the letter, they mightn’t give it to you, unless it’s an emergency case.
  • Bank Balance statement of 500 Euro
  • 500 Euro cash in hand
  • Hotel booking documents
    You have to pre-book a hotel in the destination country. Print the documents provided by the hotel, and you have to show it in the immigration.
  • Travel Insurance
    You can get travel insurance at the ticket counter itself. You also might have to pay for that. Price may vary.
  • Passport
  • Pink Card (Temporary Residence Permit Cyprus)

Visit the UK

Cyprus to UK

The United Kingdom was a part of the European Union till 31st January 2020.

Even though the UK isn’t in the EU anymore, Cyprus and the UK’s relationship has stayed the good old same.

The UK doesn’t require many documents and criteria for people from Cyprus if they wanted to visit the UK.

For Cypriots, the visa policy is much easier, and even for international students in Cyprus, the policy isn’t that hard.

All you need is the above-required documents and fill up the application for the UK tourist visa.

The only difference from the list mentioned above is that the bank balance should be more than 2000 Euro for the UK tourist visa.

Visit the UK Embassy in Cyprus to know more.

Is it impossible to get a tourist visa for international students in Cyprus to go to any Schengen country?

Well, it’s not impossible, but it’s too hard.

As I said earlier, if someone gets a Schengen country’s visa from Cyprus, they are not returning back. There are better countries in the EU than Cyprus in different aspects. Why would anyone come back if they get more benefits in other countries?

If the Cyprus government, as well as the European Union, allows Cyprus international students to visit other Schengen countries, then Cyprus wouldn’t have any international students left. Colleges and Universities would mainly have Cypriot students and no other nationalities.

I am in Cyprus for more than a year now, and I have only heard of 1 case where they provided a tourist visa to a Schengen country from Cyprus.

A guy from India came to Cyprus on a student visa.  He stayed here for seven months. He applied for a Portugal tourist visa. Guess what; he got the visa.

Wow, right?

When I researched his scenario, I learned a lot of things.

This Indian guy had visited 12 other countries before coming to Cyprus. His passport was filled with tourist visa stamps.

What I believe is, when the visa department checked his passport, they might have thought that this guy is a genuine traveler. He will go, and he will come back.

Well, jokes on them. He didn’t return back.

I heard he went to Germany from Portugal. God knows where he is now.

See, this is what happens when you don’t put the limitations.

You can apply for a student visa from Cyprus to other countries

Apply on a student visa to other countries from Cyprus

Yes, you can. Not only in European countries but also in other 1st world countries.

Be it Canada, the USA, or Australia. You can apply for a student visa in those countries from Cyprus.

The only problem is, it takes time, and there are too many documents you would have to prepare. Also, there is very little chance for you to get a visa.

Let’s say you want to go to Canada from Cyprus.

So, how do you go to Canada from Cyprus if you are a student in Cyprus?

Here are the ways you can follow:

  • You are a student in Cyprus. You have to stay in the college or university for at least one year, and then you can transfer your credit to a college in Canada.
  • You have to be extraordinary with your academics. If you fail your subjects, you mightn’t get admission to those colleges.
  • In most cases, you have to prepare all the documents again from your country. Previously you made it for Cyprus, but this time you have to do it for Canada.
  • Academic Qualification certificates, property valuation, relationship verification, IELTS certificate, and a lot more documentation.
  • You have to go through numerous interviews.

If you get selected, they will issue you a student visa. If not, then you have to stay in Cyprus.

Apply for a Working Visa

Working visa to other countries from Cyprus

You can also apply for a working visa in other countries from Cyprus. Yes, that can happen.

But, if you go on a working visa, you will have to cancel your student visa in Cyprus, return back to your home country, and apply from there.

You won’t get a visa most of the time if you haven’t finished your studies in Cyprus.

In 2021, it’s almost impossible to go to other countries on a working visa directly from Cyprus. Click here to read why you won’t get a working visa to another country if you are a student in Cyprus.

Don’t fall into the hands of crooks. Remember, they are there only to make money from you.

Meet the genuine consultants and apply through them.

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If you are already in Cyprus as a student, then you know how things are here. But if you aren’t in Cyprus and planning to come to Cyprus only to go to other European countries, then you might be making the biggest mistake of your life.

It’s not that easy to go to other countries from Cyprus. You will only be wasting your time and money. If you want to go to Germany, apply directly to Germany from your country. There is a high chance you would get the visa from there rather than in here.

Cyprus itself is an excellent country. It has better colleges and universities than most of the other European countries.

Read this article to know more about Cyprus and why you should choose Cyprus for your higher studies.

If you want to study, come to Cyprus. If you want to experience European life, come to Cyprus.

But if your destination is Germany and you come to Cyprus, you might get stuck here.

Think wisely.

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