Hello everyone!
Welcome to Cyprusandaxi.com

I am Aashish Poudel Genuine from Nepal and you are going to read about me, how I created cyprusandaxi.com and the purpose of its creation.

About me

I came to Cyprus on 19th May 2019 on a student visa. Currently, I am doing Bachelor Of Computer Science in a very reputed college.

While applying for Cyprus, I had to go through a lot of things. The documentation process was exhausting and doing it in the right way was definitely not that easy.

Fortunately, my agent helped me a lot during the processing but not all people can get an agent who is experienced in this field.

While I was preparing the documents, I got a chance to meet a lot of people who were also applying for Cyprus on a student visa.

The surprising fact was most of those people were unknown about the right ways for the processing.

That day I decided to make a site and write step by step guiding articles.

When I came to Cyprus, I realized Cyprus is much different from what my agent was saying.

Most of the things my agent said to me were lies.

Read here in detail about things agents say about Cyprus that you mustn’t trust. 

I am a web developer by profession so I really wanted to create cyprusandaxi.com and make it available for everyone to visit.

After I came to Cyprus, I realize not only Nepalese students but a lot of students from other countries were also not given a proper direction for documentation and processing. So I thought I should really write for them too.

In this blog of mine, I will try to write step by step guide for students from different nationalities.

Now, you might ask, “You are from Nepal, so how would you know about the processing from India or China or any other country to Cyprus”?

Well, your question is pretty legit.
Within a short period of time, I have made a lot of friends here from different nationalities. So, they will be helping me to write the respective articles.

Some of the contributors are as below.

  1. Mohammad Babar Sharif
    Article: Apply Cyprus From Pakistan On A Student Visa
  2. Kevin Adeyewua
    Article: Apply Cyprus From Nigeria On A Student Visa
  3. Akash Vaghela
    Article: Apply Cyprus From India On A Student Visa
  4. Alice Ngo
    Article: Apply Cyprus From Vietnam On A Student Visa
  5. Aloysius
    Article: Apply Cyprus From Cameroon On A Student Visa

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

If your intention to come to Cyprus is to earn money rather than study, then I suggest you not to come. Read in here about How Much Can An International Student Earn In Cyprus to know better. 

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