How Much Is The Actual College Fee In Cyprus For An International Student?

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How much is the College Fee In Cyprus For International Student

When you go to agents, they say the college tuition fee for Cyprus is around 4600 Euro. For the first year, it’s that much, and in the second year, you will get a 50% discount on it.

Now the question is, are they telling the truth? 

Absolutely not. 

It’s one of the many lies they say to draw you so that you could apply through them, and they get the commission from the college. 

Read here about the things agents say about the Cyprus student visa that you mustn’t trust blindly.

So how much is the actual college fee in Cyprus for international students? 

Normally, the college fee in Cyprus ranges from 2000 Euro to 2500 Euro per year. Other than that amount goes directly to the agent’s commission.

Wait; what? 

Surprised, right? 

Today in this article, I will tell you the exact truth behind this college fee drama. 

If you are interested to learn, I suggest you read this article till the end. 

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How agents and college fool you

Most of the colleges have put the minimum tuition fee of 4600 Euro a year for international students. 

When you ask agents, they will also say the same amount, which makes you think it’s the actual fee. 

Now, here is the twist.

Out of 4600 Euro that you pay to the college, the college gives almost 45% to the agent. So that means out of one student, an agent is making almost 2000 Euro

Some of the colleges even pay a sharp 50% to the agents. 

Wow, right? That’s a lot of money.

Most of the colleges are there just to do business. If you ask them the actual fee amount, they would say 4600, but in reality, it’s not. 

Why do they lie?
They have to save agents because, without these culprit agents, their business doesn’t grow. 

Do you really get a 50% discount on the second year?

Technically, you do.

As you know now that the actual college fee in Cyprus for an international student is between 2000 Euro and 2500 Euro.

In the first year, out of 4600 Euro, the agent takes 50% commission. 

Which means 2300 Euro is the 100% fee of the college.

In the next year also you will be paying 2300 Euro, which means exactly the same percentage that you have paid in the first year.

It’s just you won’t be paying anything to the agent in the second year. 

There is no discount for the second year. 

It’s just that the agent is taking an extra 50% from you in the first year. So the total fee percentage of the college for your first year isn’t 100%; it’s 150%.

Are you following through? Did you understand?

If you haven’t, then scroll up and read again. 

Read it again and again until you understand the actual reality behind it. 

Even after doing that, you didn’t understand, leave me a comment down below. I will explain it to you. 

Are your relatives/friends in Cyprus are lying too?

Yes, they are. If they tell you that the total fee of the college is around 4600 Euro, they are also trying to make a commission from you.

It really screws with your mind, doesn’t it?

Agents will take the money because it’s their business. But your own relatives/friends also play agents with you, which is not good. 

Let me tell you something. The same thing happened to me too. I trusted my relatives blindly. 

I thought they wouldn’t do any harm to me. 

I had never thought they would try to make money from me. 

I learned a very good lesson after coming to Cyprus. 

Never trust anyone fully. Never trust agents, your relatives, friends, and even college. 

People don’t care about your feeling when they are getting benefited from you. 

How can you prevent this from happening?

Please read very carefully what I am about to say. 

If you really wish to come to Cyprus, don’t go to agents. 

You don’t need them. 

Cyprus student visa requirements are pretty basics. You can do them on your own. 

Read here in detail about the Cyprus student visa requirements.

If you have a friend in Cyprus that you can trust, tell him to fill the application for you in the college. 

In the beginning, you would have to pay 4600 Euro

When you come to Cyprus and get registered with the Civil Registry and Migration Department, your college will give the commission to your friend which would be around 2300 Euro

When he gets the money, he can give it back to you. 

If you don’t have anyone in Cyprus, go to the agents in your country and tell them that you know the real truth.

Ask them if they can process your documents in 500 Euro. If they say yes, you can save around 2000 Euro. 

If they say no, leave them.

There are plenty of agents acting like a king in your country, aren’t they? 

Keep continuing with the idea. If they agree, apply from them. If they don’t, look for another one. 


The total fee is around 2300 Euro.

You pay around 4600 Euro thinking that it’s the actual fee.

Agents/Relatives take the 50% commission from 4600 Euro

The second-year fee is 50%, but that’s not all. You will have to pay for other things like library fees, technology fees and so on. 

That will eventually make your fee around 3000-3500 Euro

College and agents are together in this game, and you are the victim. 

Be wise. 

I suggest you read these articles that I have written about Cyprus, which are very helpful for you. 

I wish you all the very best. 

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