Cyprus Student Visa Interview Questions and Answers

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In most cases, an interview isn’t required to get a student visa from Cyprus, but sometimes it does. 

Usually, the interview happens online, and after the interview, if they find you eligible, they provide you with a student visa. 

Today in this article, I will guide you through Cyprus student visa interview questions, the interviewer’s intention behind asking that question, and how you should answer them. 

Even though you don’t have to give an interview, I suggest you read this article till the end because it is going to be very helpful for you.

This guide isn’t for basic questions like your name, family members, siblings, previous education, and so on. Some serious questions and answers are only discussed in this article. 

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Why do you wish to study in Cyprus?

The interviewer wants to know why you picked Cyprus over other countries. You have to give a proper and valid reason for that. 

If you have a study gap:

Answer them as “I have a study gap, and no other countries would provide me a student visa. I had to drop out of college in the past because of some reason, but now I want to continue my studies again. Cyprus Education Law respects that and allows me to apply even though I have a study gap.”

If you don’t have a study gap:

After I finished my Higher Secondary School, I wanted to complete my degree in Europe. Upon researching, I found out that Cyprus has one of the best colleges and universities in Europe. 

Cyprus is a small country, and the population is also less. I am a peace-loving guy/girl, and I’m not too fond of overpopulated countries. 

The majority of the people in Cyprus speak English, which makes it easier to communicate with people. 

I thought Cyprus would be the best option for me to finish my degree; hence, I chose Cyprus. 

Read here in detail about why you should choose Cyprus for your higher studies. This article will help you a lot with your interview.

Why have you chosen this particular college?

The interviewer wants to know the reason behind choosing the college. 

Here is how you answer them.

Let’s suppose the college is “X.”

I chose “X” college because it ranks as one of the best colleges in Cyprus. 

Their fee structure is affordable, and they provide internships and job placement opportunities for their students. The academic stats of the college are excellent. 

As I have heard, the professors are highly educated and experienced in this college. I can see a better future with them, and hence I chose this particular college to complete my higher study. 

Before you attend the interview, learn something more about your college from their website or by some other means so that you have something to tell.

Why did you choose this particular course?

The interviewer wants to know whether you are dedicated enough or not to study your chosen course. They want to see if you are serious about pursuing it or only using it as an excuse to move to Cyprus. Answer them wisely. 

Suppose you have applied for the Hotel Management course. 


Since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by the hotel and restaurant industry. I have always wanted to pursue a career in this field. 

Hotel management is not just a hobby for me. I am very passionate about it. 

I aim to be in this sector, which is why I have chosen the Hotel management course. 

Why do you have to come to Cyprus? Don’t they teach this course in your country?

The interviewer wants to know your motive to come to Cyprus. Even though the particular course is being taught in your country, you don’t want to study there. Why is that? 

Answer them as:

Yes, of course. The particular course is being taught in my country. The reason for me to come to Cyprus to study this subject is, my country only focuses on theoretical education.

On the other hand, I will get to learn practically from Cyprus. The education system in Cyprus is way better than in my country. 

I dream of becoming a reputed guy in my field, and I am afraid I mightn’t be able to do that from studying in my country. 

I will get to learn practical knowledge from Cyprus, which is why I would like to come there to study. 

When is your intake? When does the course begin?

The interviewer wants to know if you are serious about studying or not. You should know the exact date for the commencement of your course.

Answer them seriously.

My intake is on the “X” month, and my classes are going to start from “Y” of “Z” month. 

How are you going to pay your college fee?

The interviewer wants to know if you are coming to Cyprus for studies or work. If you are coming to study and not to work, how will you pay the tuition fee?


My parents will support me with the tuition fee. We have a good economic background, and my tuition fee won’t be a big issue for us. They will look after my fee, and I will be totally focusing on my studies. 

If you tell them you will work in Cyprus and pay for the tuition fee, they might reject you. 

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Can you work in Cyprus as an International student?

The interviewer’s intention with this question is to know if you are aware of the student laws in Cyprus or not. 


Yes. As an international student, I am allowed to work for 20 hours a week during my college days and 40 hours a week during the holiday seasons. 

My main motive to come to Cyprus is to study so I won’t be focusing too much on work, but sometimes to get the experience, I will work for a few hours. 

I suggest you read this article about international students earning in Cyprus and the type of work allowed for a student here

You will know better about Cyprus, which will eventually help you with your interview. 

What do you plan on doing on holiday?

Usually, the interviewer doesn’t ask this question, but sometimes they do to know about your intention regarding the holiday. 

The best answer would be:

It depends upon the holiday. If it’s just for a couple of days, I will try to explore more about Cyprus with my friends, but if it’s more than 2 weeks, I would love to visit my parents back in my country. 

Don’t tell them you will work on holidays. It might give them the wrong impression. 

What are your plans after the completion of your degree/course of study in Cyprus?

The interviewer wants to know whether you will go back to your home or stay in Cyprus after finishing your studies. 


After I finish my study, I would love to come back to my country and start my own business. I have no intention of staying there after I finish my degree.

You have to provide a response that indicates your strong desire to return to your home country to complete your course of study. 


As I said before, you may not need to give an interview. The rules aren’t so strict. 

But if they ask you to be presented at the interview, it’s also not a big deal. 

If you read all the questions and answers in this article, you will easily crack the interview. 

If you have some questions that I might have forgotten to answer, please let me know in the comment section below. I will try my best to help you. 

Good Luck.

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