Is Cyprus a Third World Country?

The Republic of Cyprus is not a third-world country. A third-world country would be an economically developing country with a low Human Development Index (HDI), a high unemployment rate, political instability, and widespread poverty. On the other hand, Cyprus is a developed country with every required criterion.

People don’t call “Third-World” countries these days. Instead, they use terms like “developing countries” or “least developed countries.”

Is Cyprus a first-world country?

Is Cyprus a first world country

Yes, Cyprus is a first-world country.
Before we start talking about why Cyprus is a first-world country, we need to understand what a “first-world” country is.

The concept of a first-world country was originated during the Cold war.

Countries that were in support of NATO and the USA and opposed the Soviet Union and Communism were considered as first-world countries.

Later the cold war concept of first world countries was shifted, and then the first world countries were defined as the countries with sustainably well-functioning democracy, high level of economic growth, and standard of living.

Cyprus has a Human Development Index of 0.873, which is very high. The per capita GDP of Cyprus in 2019 was 32,093 USD, which was over the average. The standard of living in Cyprus is praised all over Europe. Hence, we can say without a doubt, Cyprus is a first-world country.

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Is Cyprus under any Country?

No, Cyprus doesn’t belong to any other country.

People usually think Cyprus is a part of Greece, but that’s not true.

Yes, there a lot of similarities between those countries. Both of them speak Greek, the majority of the people follow Orthodox Christianity, and they eat the same food and share the same culture. But that doesn’t mean they are the same countries.

Greece and Cyprus are two totally different independent countries.

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