When Can You See Flamingos In Cyprus?

Flamingos in Cyprus can be seen between November and March. After the rainy season, Flamingos visit Cyprus in search of food and to rest and to breed. Only after the lakes are filled with rain and saltwater, Flamingos arrive in Cyprus.

We can see Flamingos in Cyprus in mainly two places. One is the Salt Lake in Larnaca and another is the Salt Lake in Limassol.

The majority of Flamingos arrive at Larnaca Salt Lake first. If the lake isn’t sufficiently filled with water they then travel to the Limassol Salt Lake.

The Larnaca Salt Lake is located just around the airport to the Larnaca town. It covers a huge area which gives the benefit to park around easily and rest.

The Larnaca Salt Lake

The Limassol salt lake is located in Limassol. It is also called Akrotiri Lake. It is actually the biggest lake in Cyprus. 

Limassol Salt Lake

There are a few other lakes around Cyprus where greater flamingos can be spotted, such as Oroklini Salt Lake and Paralimni Lake. But, the Larnaca Salt Lake and the Limassol Salt Lake are the main ones.

These Salt Lakes are protected areas. So throwing rubbish, chasing flamingos, or harming these birds is strictly prohibited.

Flamingos flourish better on saltwater. If Cyprus gets a good amount of rainfall in the rainy season and the lakes are thoroughly filled, Flamingos tend to stay longer that year.

Here are some more fun facts about Flamingos which I am sure you would love to read.

Flamingos aren’t actually Pink by birth. They are born with Grey feathers and eventually turn into pink over time.

Grey Flamingo

There is a lot of plankton and shrimps in its salt lakes. That’s why Flamingos love Cyprus. Flamingos dip their heads in the water and get food.

Flamingos usually stand on one leg, with the other being tucked beneath the body.

Flamingo standing on one leg

Unlike other birds, flamingos don’t have any migratory patterns and would generally roam high in the skies seeking favorable conditions to land.

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