Colorado vs Nigeria (Statistical Comparison)

Colorado is a state located in the Mountain West subregion of the Western United States, whereas Nigeria is a country located in West Africa. Today in this article, we will discuss the comparison between Colorado and Nigeria regarding various aspects.


Is Colorado bigger than Nigeria?

The total area of Colorado is 104,094 sq mi, and the total area of Nigeria is 356,669 sq mi. Colorado is smaller than Nigeria by 252,575 sq mi. Colorado is around 3.43 times smaller than Nigeria.

Area of Colorado: 104,094 sq mi ( 269,837 km2 )

Area of Colorado compared to Nigeria

Area of Nigeria:  356,669 sq mi ( 923,769 km2 )

Area of Nigeria compared to Colorado


According to the United States Census Bureau, the total population of Colorado as of 1st July 2021 was estimated to be around 5,812,069.

Population of Colorado compared to Nigeria

Based on the Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data, the total population of Nigeria as of 14th April 2022, is estimated to be around 215,645,117.

Population of Nigeria compared to Colorado

Here is some more data comparison between Colorado and Nigeria.

The capital of Colorado is Denver, and the capital city of Nigeria is Abuja.

Official Languages

Colorado: English
Nigeria: English, Yoruba, Igbo


Colorado: Coloradan
Nigeria: Nigerian

ISO 3166 Code

Colorado: US-CO
Nigeria: NG

Human Development Index

HDI of Colorado as of 2019: 0.948
HDI of Nigeria as of 2019: 0.539

Colorado Time Zone: 

UTC − 7 (Mountain Standard Time)

Summer (DST):
UTC − 6 (Mountain Daylight Time)

Nigeria Time Zone: 

UTC + 1 (West Africa Time)

Geological Coordinates

Coordinates of Colorado:
38° 59′ 49.92″ N, 105° 32′ 52.08″ W

Coordinates of Nigeria:
8° 0′ 0″ N10° 0′ 0″ E

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