Why Choose Cyprus For Your Higher Studies?

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Why Choose Cyprus For Your Higher Studies

Since the last couple of years, the Republic of Cyprus has become a central hub for international students. Have you ever wondered why 2 out of 5 of your friends are always talking about going to Cyprus for their higher education studies?

Well, the reason is simple and clear. Cyprus provides certain benefits to the international students, which other European countries usually don’t support that much.

Today in this article, we will discuss the benefits provided by Cyprus and why this country should be your primary destination for your higher studies. 

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Studies Gap Acceptance

No matter what anyone says, studies gap acceptance is the primary reason for international students to come to Cyprus.

I had a gap of 6 years. No other European countries would provide me with a student visa. Lucky me, Cyprus didn’t care about my study gap and hence, accepted me as a student.


How much gap acceptable for study in Cyprus? 

Most of the Universities and colleges in Cyprus accept a study gap of up to 10 years and even more. And I have also heard that some of the colleges provide you with a visa until you are 39 years old.

Suppose you finished high school at the age of 21 and didn’t go to college. Now, you are 30, and you want to study again. Well, guess which country is there to accept you? Cyprus. Absolutely.

Cyprus accepts your studies gap, and this is one of the main reasons you should choose Cyprus for your higher studies.

The high visa success rate

Well, we already talked about the study gap acceptance by Cyprus. The study gap creates a huge problem when you try to apply abroad for your higher studies. It becomes a major obstacle in your path to success. But when the study gap is accepted, there is less chance of failure and which eventually means a high visa success rate.

As compared to other countries, Cyprus doesn’t require a lot of formalities and documentation. Obviously, there are some, but they are the significant ones. Fewer papers to worry about means a high visa success rate.

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Basic entry requirements

Cyprus Visa Requirements are basics

Whenever you apply to some colleges or Universities in Cyprus, you have to fulfill some of their requirements to get selected as an international student. It becomes more comfortable when the conditions are basic and easily achievable.

Here are some standard requirements to meet.

  • High School Graduation Documents attested by the Ministry of Education.

*If you are applying for a Bachelors’s degree.

  • Bachelor’s degree attested certificates by the Ministry of Education.

 *If you are applying for masters and so on.

  • IELTS certificate (International English Language Testing System)

Each band shouldn’t be less than 5.5

 *IELTS certificate is not compulsory for most of the countries. Ask your college if they need it.

  • College/University fee of 1 year

*You have to pay your tuition fee of 1 year in advance.

  • Clean medical reports
  • Police clearance certificate / Non-criminal report
  • Bank statement

Above mentioned requirements might vary from country to country and colleges to colleges. You should talk to the college administration and Cyprus Embassy / Cyprus Consulate in your country just to be 100% sure.

Easy process to apply

Documents are easier to make

The basic requirements might look like a lot of work to you, but trust me, it’s not. If you apply to any first world countries for an international student visa, you would have to deal with a lot of documentation. It’s time-consuming and tiresome.

Documents for Cyprus are easier to make. You can prepare them in a less amount of time, and you won’t get bored while doing it.

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Five years back, I had applied to Australia for my higher studies. It had taken me two months to prepare all my documents. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a visa. But for Cyprus, it barely took me a week to get all of my documents ready.

A few documents to collect, attestation from here and there, stamps and seals, and your documents are good to go in no time.

If you don’t want to waste a lot of your time and money to process your documents, then you should definitely apply to Cyprus for your higher studies.


Why choose Cyprus for your higher studies?

It is easily affordable for every class of people in this world. Cyprus is a country for everyone. You wouldn’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get into a college or university.

  • The tuition fees are considerable.
  • Visa processing is cheap.
  • Expenses are manageable
  • Even with a less income salary, you can easily get along with your basic daily requirements.

Reasonable living cost

I am from a middle-class family. I would care about the cost of potatoes and tomatoes. The first day, when I went to the market to buy groceries, believe me, I was surprised.

The cost of most of the things there was similar to that of my country.

When I told my mom that the price of a kg of potato is lower in Cyprus than in our country, she couldn’t believe it.

That’s just an example. You mightn’t care about the cost of groceries as much as I do, but you won’t regret from your side too.

Things in Cyprus aren’t overpriced.

The transportation cost is cheap. Bus fares are affordable. With just 900 – 1000 Euros, you can even manage to buy a decent, fully functional car. Yes, I was also surprised.

Communication and telephony services are considerable.

Room rents aren’t that high. Even in the city, you can rent three bedrooms flat just for 800-900 Euros. If you wish to live far from the city area or if you want to live in the village sides, you can get 3 bedrooms flat just for around 500 Euros.

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As I said, earlier groceries are cheaper. They are easily accessible in every mini and supermarket.

Groceries Are Cheap And Affordable In Cyprus

If you manage to earn around 1000 Euros a month, that’s a significant amount of money in Cyprus. You can buy a lot of things with that much money to fulfill your needs.

Personally, I have found electronic items to be a little bit more expensive, but if you are earning 1000 Euro a month, there is nothing for you to worry about.

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European Union Country

Cyprus is a European Nation

Hey, why did you put this point at last? Shouldn’t this point be somewhere in the middle of the article?

Well, as of today (November-19-2019), Europe has 50 countries where 6 of them have limited recognition.

Source: Wikipedia

So, if Cyprus would have been a single country in Europe, then there would be something to brag about. That’s why this point was kept in the last of the article.

But, still. Cyprus is a European nation, and that means something. Cyprus joined the European Union on May-1st-2004 (source: Wikipedia), and since then it has been widely recognized by other countries as an integral part of the European Union.

The academic degrees from Cyprus have a value all other the world. You will be treated almost as same as other European students.

So, when someone asks your parents about where your son/daughter is?

They can proudly say that he/she is in Europe.


I have met some people who are very disappointed with their situation in Cyprus. They say Cyprus isn’t a good country to live in.

Personally, I don’t think so. If you have enough dedication in your heart to do something big, I believe Cyprus helps you. It depends on you about how you want to bend your life.

Well, also if it was that bad, 2 out of 5 friends of yours wouldn’t be talking about it, would they?

If you want to pursue your carrier by studying in world-recognized colleges and universities, then you should choose Cyprus for your higher studies.

If your intention to come to Cyprus is to earn money rather than study, then I suggest you not to come. Read in here about How Much Can An International Student Earn In Cyprus to know better. 

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