Can I Stay In Cyprus After The Study? (Essential Guide)

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Stay in Cyprus after you finish your studies

Can I stay in Cyprus after the study?

It totally depends upon your condition and intentions. If you are looking for a permanent residency in Cyprus after you have just finished your study, then it might be a bit difficult situation for you. But if you want to stay in Cyprus by finding a job after having graduated, then things would be much easier for you this way.

When you stayed in Cyprus for 5/6 years as a student, then it’s an obvious thing you would want to pursue your career in Cyprus.

As good as Cyprus is with the quality of education and standard of life, rules are a bit stricter for international students here.

But don’t you worry.

Today in this article, we will discuss the ways for you to stay in Cyprus after your graduation.

Look for employment opportunities

Look for job opportunities

If you could get hired by a company in Cyprus, then they can provide you with a work permit + a working visa. For this, you would have to go back to your country for a certain period of time and come back to Cyprus with a work permit visa status.

Also, if you have a good amount of money with you, you can start your own business in Cyprus too.

Before even we start talking about creating your own business or getting a job or getting hired by a company in Cyprus, it’s very crucial to understand the types of work permits the government of Cyprus allows.

The Civil Registry and Migration Department has regulated the work permits in 5 different categories.

Category A:

If you want to have a self-employed visa status in Cyprus in the fields of agriculture, cattle breeding, bird breeding, or fish culture, then you have to show proof of having approximately 430,000 Euros with you.

Category B:

If you intend to work as self-employed in the Mining field in the Republic of Cyprus, you should have a capital of approximately 350,000 Euros at your disposal in a fully and freely manner.

Category C:

If you want to be self-employed in the field of trade or profession, you need to have a capital of approximately 260,000 Euros with you.

Category D:

If you mean to function as independently employed in the science field in the Republic, given that you have scholarly or proficient capabilities, for which there is a request in Cyprus. Ownership of sufficient assets is additionally essential.

Category E:

If you have been offered a job by a company in Cyprus, then you can get a work permit from the government. The employer will be responsible for employee visa documentation and permit from the Labor and immigration department of Cyprus.

Category F:

If you have a fully and freely secure annual income without having to get involved in any kind of profession in the Republic of Cyprus, then you will be issued the permit under Category F.
The annual income required should be at least €9568,17 for a single applicant and moreover at least €4613,22 for every dependent person; the Immigration Control Board may demand additional amounts if necessary. Most applicants who come under this category are mainly pensioners or retired people.

All these above permits will be provided only if it doesn’t negatively affect the economy of the Republic. 

I hope now we have a clear understanding of work permit categories regulated by the Republic of Cyprus.

Now, let’s continue our article on how you can stay in Cyprus after finishing your studies.

Getting a Job and Required Documentation

If you have a good amount of money with you, then you can invest in Cyprus and become self-employed.

But if you don’t have one, then you to go with the Category E, where a company based in Cyprus would give you a job and fix your documents for you.

Now, getting a job isn’t that easy. Even though you have graduated, it doesn’t guarantee a job.

So you have to be extraordinary and experienced in your field to get hired by Cypriot companies.

Suppose a company agrees on hiring you. What’s the next step?

Firstly, you have to go back to your country and secondly come back again to Cyprus on a working visa.

Here are some of the documents you will be required to provide in order to get a visa. You will apply for a visa using these documents from your country.

1> Employment contract from Cyprus’s based company ( the contract must be stamped by the Department of Labor of the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance, and it also has to be revenue stamped by the Revenue Stamps Registrar)

2> Police Clearance Certificate

3> Medical Certificate

4> Bank Statement

5> Valid Passport

6> Completed and signed visa application form

If you will require more documents than these, then your company would let you know. Just to be sure, ask them beforehand applying.

The permit is initially allowed for a one-year duration, and it can be renewed for a maximum of 5 years, depending on the job contract duration.

You get one additional year to stay in Cyprus after you finish your MBA

The MBA course is usually for 2 years. But when you finish it, your college can extend your visa for one additional year so that you could try to find a job in Cyprus.

If you can get hired in a company, then you follow the above-mentioned process.

If you don’t get a job even after trying for a whole year, then you have another option to stay more in Cyprus.

and that is… :

Once you finish your degree, you can again start doing Bachelor in another subject

Rejoin the college again

To be honest, it’s very hard to get a job in Cyprus even after finishing your degree.

There are only a few job vacancies, and there is too much competition in every field. Even though there is a job, companies would prefer hiring Cypriots rather than Non-EU nationals.

If you like Cyprus and want to stay more, then one of the options for you is to rejoin the college again.

Trust me; there are a lot of people in Cyprus who are doing that.

If you get a good part-time job that pays well, then you would easily be able to pay the college fees.

Also, if you join the same college, they would give you a better discount. 

Getting a Permanent Residency in Cyprus as a student is like a dead-end thing.

It’s not impossible, but it’s hard.

Honestly, I have never found a single international student who has gotten the PR of Cyprus.

I have heard there are few students who have the Permanent Residency of Cyprus, but most of them got hired after they finished their degree, so basically, if they got it, then they got it according to the Category F permit we discussed above.

The best option would be to rejoin the Bachelor’s degree again.

It’s just a suggestion. If you don’t want to do that, then you don’t have to do that.

Maybe someday in the future, the Cypriot government changes the rules and makes it easier for international students to get a PR.

But who knows. We can just hope for the best.

I suggest you read the following article to have a clear picture of Cyprus student life:

I wish you all the very best.

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