How to Find Out Whether The Cyprus Visa You Have Received Is Fake or Genuine?

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How to spot a fake Cyprus visa

It’s a well-known fact that Cyprus visa processing is quite easier compared to other European countries.

Be it a student visa or a working visa; you don’t need to worry a lot about documentation while you are applying for Cyprus.

The processing is easier. Hence, thousands of people every year apply for a Cyprus student or a worker visa.

Unfortunately, with the rise of the applicants, the numbers of fake visas also have skyrocketed.

The market is filled with fake agents and unregistered consultancies.
In terms of authenticity and genuineness, only 2 out of 10 agents are trustworthy.

Read here to know more about the things agents say about Cyprus that are not 100% authentic.

You become thrilled when you receive your visa. You wouldn’t know whether the visa is fake or genuine because your agent says it’s an authentic visa, so you trust him.

Long story short, when you reach the airport, you won’t be able to board the plane because the visa paper that you are holding is a total fake.

The agent you applied through would take your money and disappear when he handed you the visa.

What are you going to do now? Trusting a fake agent made you lose your time, money, and energy.

So rule number 1:
You should never blindly trust an agent.

Today in this article, I will guide you on spotting a fake Cyprus visa and catching the agent red-handed.
Make sure you read it till the end.

Before I start, I would like to thank Mr. Louis Koutroukides (Head of HMA) for his guidance and help.

Without his endless support, would have never been possible. Thank you.

If the visa is misprinted, then it’s fake

Look at this image below. The words are stacked upon one another. It’s totally fake.

Fake Cyprus visa because words are misprinted

Authentic visas won’t have any over-written words.

Not Fake Visa because words aren't misprinted

Look for tampering signs such as water drops in the paper or smudges in ink, specifically around the passport number and the name areas. The original visa won’t have these issues.

The MP number on your visa should always be on the right side

If the MP number is on the left side of your visa, then the visa isn’t genuine.

Fake Cyprus visa because the MP number is on the left hand side

It should always be on the right-hand side of your visa paper.

MP number should have the same year of the visa issuance

The first 2 digits of the MP number, followed by a letter, should be the same as the current year.

For example, if your visa was issued in 2018, then the first 2 digits followed by a letter should be 18.

MP number: E18 – 00428

If your visa was issued in 2020, then your MP number will be like: MP number: E20 – 00428.

If your visa will be issued in 2025, then your MP number will be like: MP number: E25 – 00428.

I hope you got the idea.

A valid visa should have a telephone number

Fake Cyprus visa because it doesn't have a phone number

If your visa doesn’t have a contact number of your employer, company, or your college, then the visa is fake.

If the agents put the contact number on the visa, the applicant might try to contact the employer in Cyprus.

To avoid that, fake visas aren’t provided with a valid phone number.

A valid visa should have a postal code

For every address in Cyprus, there is a 4 digits postal code. If your visa doesn’t have a postal code, then it’s fake.

fake visa because it doesn't have postal code and telephone number


Also, the postal code should always be on the top of the telephone number in the address box.

Not a fake visa because it has postal code and telephone number 

Always check your name on the visa

Most of the time, people forget to check the minor thing. As a result, they fall into the trap.

Your name on the visa should be exact as your name on the passport.

Even if a single letter is missing, then that visa is fake.

Check if the Cyprus permit date hasn’t exceeded on the visa

If the date on the visa has already been exceeded, then it’s fake.

In simple terms:

I am writing this article on September 4, 2020. Suppose you received your visa today. In the visa, if the entry permit date is before September 4, 2020, then it’s a fake visa.

The entry permit date should at least be with an additional 15 days from the day you got your visa.

Verify the authenticity of the visa from the concerned authority

Always contact Cyprus Embassy or Cyprus consulate in your country to verify whether the visa is fake or genuine.

It’s better to go and visit them, rather than asking on the phone or email.

Sometimes the visa might look as genuine as it could be, but there is still a chance it could be fake.

Going and verifying the visa from the Cyprus Embassy is the only chance to know its authenticity.


Here are the things we discussed today in this article:

  • Visa shouldn’t be over-written with words or images.
  • The MP number should always be on the right side.
  • The visa must be included with a phone number.
  • Your name on the visa must be the same as on the passport.

As happy you will be upon receiving the visa, you will have to be sadder after finding out it’s fake.

So to avoid that, always apply through a trusted and recommended agent.
Fake visa agents make unreasonable promises.
Never trust them blindly.

Rules in Cyprus regarding visa and immigration issues are getting better and stronger day by day. Let’s hope no one has to be disappointed in the future because of fake visas.

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