How Much Does It Cost To Study In Cyprus?

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How Much Does It Cost To Study In Cyprus?

Your overall cost of studying in Cyprus depends upon what kind of person you are.

Would you be able to share a room with a friend? Would you be able to compromise with your comfort zone?
If you would, then the cost of living and studying in Cyprus will be manageable for you.

If you can’t share a room with others and if you have to eat in a restaurant every day or you don’t like to travel on a bus, so you ride a cab every time, then the situation will be difficult for you.

Unless you come from a rich family or you are financially secure, studying in Cyprus would bring you challenges every day.

Today in this article, I will guide you through various daily life things you would do while being in Cyprus as an international student.

The cost to study in Cyprus depends from person to person. You may spend more money, or you may spend less money. It’s up to you.

Here I will give you stats from a normal expenditure point of view.

College Fees

The tuition fee varies from college to college. Your agent might have told you that the college fee is around 4600 Euro to 5000 Euro.

If you are new to this website, then let me tell you something.

The actual college fee in Cyprus is only around 2500-3000 Euros. Other than that, the money goes directly to the agent’s pocket.

The agent is lying to you. If you are applying through your friend or a relative, then they are lying too.

Here are some articles I suggest you read to understand all this stuff better. Read these first before continuing the article.

Cyprus Student Visa: A Detailed Guide (Everything You Need To Know)

How much is the actual college fee in Cyprus for international students? 

Things agents say to you about Cyprus that are not 100% authentic.

The reality of Private Colleges in Cyprus

I am assuming you have read all these above-provided articles and have a better understanding of Cyprus now.

If you can act smart and pay less fee, or you can just give more money to the agent, it’s totally up to you.

Let’s assume you gave all 5000 Euros to the college.

Then the cost to study in Cyprus (College Fee) becomes 5000 Euros.

Groceries and Food items

Grocery and Food Cost Cyprus

The cost of Groceries item falls between 70 Euro to 120 Euros a month. 70 Euros if you don’t eat too many fancy foods and 120 Euros if you have to eat more.

Let’s assume you eat at a restaurant 7 days a week. That will cost you around 50 Euros to 100 Euros.

I am going to put the stats from the lower cost value, so the cost of groceries + restaurant becomes 70 + 50 = 120 Euros per month.

Living in Cyprus cost for Groceries and Food items per month: 120 Euros

Room/Flat Rent

Room Flat Cost In Cyprus

A normal single bedroom flat costs around 500 Euros a month. 2-Bedroom and 3-Bedroom flats cost around 600-800 Euros.

If you can’t share a room with others, then you would probably need around 500 Euros a month to pay for a flat.

If you can live with others and share a room with a friend, then the cost becomes cheaper.

Suppose you live in a 3-Bedroom flat which costs 800 Euros a month, which means per room pays around 270 Euros.

If you share a room with a friend, then you only pay 135 Euros per room.

So all the shared rooms cost around 135 Euros?

No, it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s much less than that, and sometimes it’s more.

Since I have been in Cyprus, I have changed 5 flats. Some places I have paid 300 and some places, only 120 Euros. 

It really depends on the quality of the house.

So let’s put the average rate as 120 Euros.

The cost to study in Cyprus (room rent) becomes 120 Euros per month. 

Electricity, Water, and Wi-Fi Bills

Utility Bills Cost

The cost of Utility bills depends upon how you use them. The more you use them, the more you pay.

If you have a washing machine, water heater(geyser), electric cooker, and Air condition in your house, then the electricity bills come more.

It costs up to 150-200 Euros.

Again if you are sharing with others, then you would only pay around 25 Euros. 

Water is cheap in Cyprus. It costs around 50 Euros per month for normal use. Per person, you would just pay around 10 Euros.

Wi-Fi bills are usually fixed. Higher speed costs more money. Normally, for 10 Mbps, you pay 25-30 Euros per month. If you share with your friends, you just pay 10 Euros.

The cost of studying in Cyprus (Utility Bills) = 25 + 10 + 10 = 45 Euros.

Personal Care Items

In this section of the article, we will discuss personal care stuff that you use daily and how much it will cost.

On a daily basis, you would be using things from Toothpaste, Soap, Shampoo to Clothes and stuff.

You don’t buy clothes every month. If you do, then the living cost for you will be more.

Generally, all personal care items can be bought for under 20 Euros. 

So, The cost of study in Cyprus for (Personal Care Items) becomes 20 Euros per month.  


Transportation Cost For Students In Cyprus

When you would get registered in the college, you will get a student card.

After having the student card, within a few weeks, you will get a European Youth Card.

Now, this European Youth Card helps you a lot while riding a bus.

The usual bus fare is 1.50 Euro for one time. When you would have a European Youth Card, you will only have to pay 0.75 Euro.

You get a 50% discount.

If you have to travel on a daily basis, then getting a bus card would be better for you.

A bus card for students with European Youth Card costs only 20 Euros a month. And if you are above 30 years old, you will have to pay 40 Euros a month.

Public buses in Cyprus don’t run for 24 hours. They are off at night.

If you have to travel during the night time, then you would have to take a cab.

Let’s say you pay 20 Euro for the Cab and 20 Euros for the Bus card.

Your cost of studying in Cyprus, transportation fee becomes 40 Euros a month.

Phone Bill

When you would have Wi-Fi in your house, you would rarely use your phone to call someone.

Only if you are outside your house, and you have to call someone urgent, then only the phone is required.

So if you put a balance a 5 Euros a month on your phone, it’s more than enough.

Cost of Phone Bill per month for normal use= 5 Euros


General Miscellaneous cost

The cost of things that fall under the criteria which are not mentioned above is put into the miscellaneous cost.

Are you a Gym guy? Do you always watch movies in a theater?

The majority of international students don’t do that.

So it won’t cost them anything. But if you do, you would have to spend extra.

General Miscellaneous cost = 20 Euros per month. 

You can read here the cost of living in Cyprus for international students. There I have explained each and every daily using item’s cost in detail.


Let’s do the total calculation now, shall we?

College Fees = 5000 Euros a year.

Grocery cost= 120 Euros a month, 1440 Euros a year

Housing cost= 120 Euros a month, 1440 Euros a year

Utility Bills cost= 45 Euros a month, 540 Euros a year

Personal Care items= 20 Euros a month, 240 Euros a year

Transportation cost= 40 Euros a month, 480 Euros a year

Phone Bill = 5 Euros a month, 60 Euros a year.

Miscellaneous cost= 20 Euros per month, 240 Euros a year

The total cost of studying in Cyprus for international students for a year comes around 9,440 Euros. 

For the second year, you would only pay 2500 Euros tuition fees + around 1000 Euros for extra fees like library fees, technology fees, and so on in your college.

So the cost of studying + living in Cyprus for the second year becomes less.

I wish you all the best.

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