Interview With Sabin Chaudhary From Nepal (Student Life In Cyprus)

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Interview With Sabin Chaudhary from Nepal

Hello! My name is Sabin Chaudhary. And, I’m from Belbari, Morang, Nepal.

I have been here in Cyprus for a year.

I came to Cyprus in June 2019.

The main motive to come here was to get European Bachelor’s Degree certificate from a recognized college, so it will be easier for me to find a job in the hospitality industry in the future.

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What were your expectations before coming to Cyprus?

I was expecting to study and do some part-time jobs to pay my college fees and my living expenses here.

I had heard that students are allowed to work 20 hours per week and 38 hours per week during holidays, summer vacation, and Christmas eve.

Did your expectations meet after coming here?

Oh, no! I was disappointed big time.

Everything is completely different from what I was told. I cannot find any jobs here.

They always look for people with European passports or somebody with a Yellow Slip.

Besides, they want somebody who is fluent in the Greek language, which is really difficult to learn to the native level.

On top of that, the new law regarding the students from third world countries, who come here after May 10, 2019, can’t work here.

This was a disaster for us.

I feel like being sabotaged here. Seriously, how can we pay our college fees without working here?

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Did you come to Cyprus through an agent, relative, friend, or applied by yourself?

I came here through an agent. They’re running a consultancy in New Baneshwor.

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How much did you pay the agent? Was it worth it?

I paid 5000 Euro as college fees while I was in Nepal.

Later, I came to know that the actual college fee is 3000 Euro per year, and the rest 2000 Euro is given to the agent as commission.

However, considering the methods of teaching by the colleges in Cyprus, I feel that the fees should be as low as 500 euro per year or less.

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How is the education system of private colleges in Cyprus?

I would say most of them suck!

The teachers cannot speak proper English. They’re just reading the page in front of us.

They are not punctual as well. The colleges are greedy. They just want college fees on time.

They don’t care if you attend the class or not. The colleges are not well known here as we hear in Nepal.

I tell you, the biggest irony here is, even the local Cypriots who live nearby the college don’t know where it is established.

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What sort of jobs have you done in Cyprus till now?

Getting “work” to do is itself a big thing in Cyprus. Till now, I’ve done all sorts of work which are considered a third class in Nepal. From washing dishes to cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, farm works, and so on!

Been there, done that.

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What are some of the best things in Cyprus? What’s your favorite?

Well, despite Cyprus being one of the worst countries for students from third world countries, it has got some of the best things to offer.

The Mediterranean climate gives a different vibe here; one can enjoy the summertime around beautiful beaches while they can enjoy snowfall throughout the Troodos mountains in winter.

The island also has some waterfalls nearby the Troodos range, which is always visited by nature-lovers.

Among all of them, I personally loved the snowfall up in the mountain. This was just a surreal experience!

What are the worst things in Cyprus? What thing do you hate the most?

LOOT, Discrimination, and selfishness! The well-known tourist island is full of scammers, racist and selfish people.

Whoever said everyone becomes strangers once landed in a foreign country is true.

Once you land in here, you’ll completely be on your own. And your very own NEPALESE will loot you.

They will put you in a room with 10 other guys and charge you for water, electricity, and WiFi much more than what actually costs. You’ll be absolutely helpless here.

You will cry alone, and nobody will be there to comfort you. Often it isn’t easy to cope with the locals here. Sometimes they can be down straight nasty to you for no reason.

Although there have been some of the nicest people, discrimination here is still in rage!

What suggestion do you want to give to someone who is willing to come to Cyprus on a student visa?

Don’t come unless you can pay for your college fees as well as living expenses every year.

In addition to that, even if you decide to study here, CHOOSE A UNIVERSITY, not a private college.

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Your final saying:

I’m still thinking about how to pay a 1 million rupees loan in Nepal! Any ideas?

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